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Dear customers, over 15 years of operation experience specializing in leasing of warehouse, factory, yard, NhatViet Logistics Services and Trading JSC has constantly developed both in stature and scale of operation by the prestige and guarantee of service quality, with modern equipment, abundant unloading facilities in terms of type and tonnage, enthusiastic and professional staff that will ensure the needs of customers on the management, loading,  unloading, packaging and distribution of goods etc. … And below, the Company is glad to introduce to customers some kind of warehouse leasing and related services supplied by Nhat Viet.

  1. Separated warehouse leasing:

Separated warehouse leasing is the form that provides customers with services such as: Import and export management, inventory report, 24 / 24h protection. Warehouses are designed according to individual areas with the area can be changed flexibly to suit the goods to minimize the cost of leasing warehouse for customers.

  1. Leasing in tons:

This type of monthly leasing is based on inventory, which includes import / export management, inventory report and 24/24h protection.

  1. Warehouse leasing under contract

A form of leasing when assigning a separate warehouse under the contract to customers for storage or production, usually the customer manages their import, export or production. In addition, if there is a need we can still provide import and export supervision services to customers.

  1. Attached services:

Goods loading and unloading services, Stamping, Packing, Customs Clearance, Domestic and International Multimodal Transportation , Special Northern and Southern Transportation by Road, Waterway and Rail.

Warehouse system has been built at many key locations in Industrial Zones such as Song Than 1, Song Than 2, Cat Lai, Tan Binh, Vinh Loc and other industrial zones in the whole country. Especially, the industrial zones in the central cities, where the development and convenient transportation, ensuring the fastest, most convenient and economical delivery. At the same time in the warehouse locations, Nhat Viet has also focused on building security systems for warehouses such as automatic fire protection system, camera system, professional guard security 24/24, water supply and drainage system and international standard goods management software to provide customers with the most secure, convenient and efficient logistics services.

Nhatviet Logisics is very grateful for the attention of customers to our field of activities and hope by this letter, we will find opportunities to cooperate and work with customers.

Sincerely thank and wish health and success to customers!

Sincerely thanks!


NhatViet Logistics is proud of being a young, enthusiastic and dedicated staff who are dedicated to work together to create a solid foundation for the Company.

NhatViet Logistics staff always work diligently, guide and provide customers with useful information with enthusiasm and friendliness. Offices, departments always exchange, coordinate closely, committed to bring the highest benefit and most timely for customers.

We build a friendly, dynamic, challenging environment and opportunities for learning, advancement, professional staff with high team spirit, friendly, open and polite striving for the development goals of the company.

Not only regularly organize training activities, improve knowledge for staff, NhatViet Logistics also pays attention to professional ethics of staff, with the desire to bring friendliness, peace of mind to customers.

The value of NhatViet Logistics today cannot fail to mention to the enthusiasm of the staff of the Company. Over all, we are proud of our loyal employees, who work hard every day and devote to the company. Every staff acts basing on the core values ​​of the company to bring the best value to the customers NhatViet Logistics always appreciates the contribution and enhances the role of all staff in the company.

We are working hard to contribute to building more professional image and benefits to the society. Passion and desire for dedication is the fulcrum, the motivation for company’s staff to act every day.  And with a young, dynamic, creative staff along with the direction from talented, minded leaders, NhatViet Logistics promises to grow and devote more and more to Vietnam Logistics, for social community.


VISION: By pioneering aspirations and sustainable development investment strategies Nhat Viet always strives to be the leading company in Vietnam in providing warehouse systems – especially single warehouse and related services in order to meet customer’s storage of goods in the easy, safe, and convenient way.

MISSION: Serve for the good things and for the sake of everyone.


Listen and understand

Listen to understand and be understood. When we listen with the desire to understand others, not to respond, then that is when we start a real conversation and build relationships. When others feel they are understood, they will feel supported and respected, the defensive fence is lowered, the opportunity to talk openly and to understand each other will come naturally and easily In order to understand other people, it needs kindness, In order to be understood by others, it needs courage. Effectiveness lies in the balance between those two.

Thinking together to win

Thinking together to win when the brain and heart seek common interests based on mutual respect in every interaction. This is thinking about the abundance of opportunities, wealth and resources for all, not scarce and not fierce competition This is not a selfish way of thinking.(Win Loss) In work and in family life, members think in a way that is interdependent – in the sense of “we” and not “me”. Thinking together to win facilitates conflict resolution and helps individuals find solutions to common interests. It is the sharing of information, power and recognition.

Be responsible for life

If only to do that irresponsible, it will be superficial, if only speak without responsibility, then that word does not mean anything, if the action that is irresponsible then the action is only perfunctory. So we are 100% responsible for all the words, our work and that is the criteria and also the commitment in building and development of the company.

Shoulder to shoulder

Shoulder to shoulder – is that when doing anything it must be whole, whole in the system, not waiting for any individual. When the whole apparatus concentrates resources on an event, the likelihood of success and benefit for the parties will be higher.

Generosity and altruism:

Pierre Benoit affirmed: “Tolerance is the virtue that benefits both us and others.” That’s right, no one to mess up an angry thought, reproach, the repressed, guilty feelings with others in the heart that having a peace of mind. We ourselves do not want to bring sadness to others, but in life with so many faces, how can we avoid those unwanted things. Then, let us open the heart of tolerance so that we can overcome the small shadow of ourselves, knock down the narrow, small, selfish beings in ourselves to see the peace and serene.


Dalai Lama said, “Absolute authority is always based on minds and serious analysis.” Consider everything before speaking or acting that must deliberately bring satisfaction to the multi-party.


“To be successful we have to have customers, to have customers we really know how to serve, and to know how to serve, we should listen and understand customers, but to understand that is not enough, we have to create qualified service to fill the value of service. ”  (Le Thanh Vinh – General Director of Nhatviet Logistics)