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NhatViet Logistics’s available warehouse/factory for lease system is designed in accordance with customer’s production and business requirements, high construction quality standards, construction management on schedule, compliance assurance. meeting all international standards for quality and safety.

Understanding the needs of customers, NhatViet Logistics’ available warehouse/factory system for lease is always located in the key economic regions of the country where has a high level of industrial investment attraction, strategic development location , convenient traffic connections to airports, seaports, and stayed close to large consumption markets such as: Ho Chi Minh, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Hanoi, Hung Yen, Bac Ninh, Hai Phong, Thai Nguyen…

With a system of warehouses/factories located at central locations, NhatViet Logistics has been meeting the various needs of customers for convenient storage and distribution of goods across the country. On the other hand, with guaranteed service quality, NhatViet Logistics always responds quickly and promptly, saving a lot of costs and improving business efficiency for customers.

With a sense of responsibility and professional work along with the application of management technology, NhatViet Logistics is committed to bringing a reliable solution to customers when using our warehouse / factory system.


* Strategic location located in prime locations, according to customers’ needs.

* Good price.

* Superior warehouse/factory specifications, ensuring high security.

* Full Services to support businesses in legal, financial, labor, …

With the motto “Prestige – Quality – Dedication”, NhatViet Logistics service warehouse/factory is the ideal choice for domestic and international investors.


* Electricity network, wastewater treatment system, clean water source.

* Green-clean environment, high-speed telecommunications network.

* Security – automatic fire protection security.


* Apply for investment certificates for foreign-invested enterprises.

* Apply for a business registration certificate for your business.

* Support all legal procedures for businesses to operate in industrial zones.

Nhat Viet Logistics is committed to bringing you the best services in the Logistics chain.

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