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In the context of strong economic integration today, many businesses, individuals and organizations have been constantly expanding their production and business activities, resulting in a stable demand for goods storage in order to timely respond to market demand. Finding and renting warehouses without having to invest too much is now more essential than ever.

Any business wants to own its private warehouse to take the initiative in distributing goods. But the problem of investment costs to build a private warehouse is not small. Understanding the above difficulty, NhatViet Logistics has provided the market with an extremely useful service to meet all the needs of customers in storing goods, which is the service of “Shared warehouse Rental” (or called compound warehouse or general warehouse).

Below NhatViet Logistics will help you learn the advantages of shared warehouse rental. From there, you will easily see which form of warehouse is most suitable and cost-effective in the current context.

Businesses or individuals can rent to store goods for a short or long time depending on their needs. The shared warehouse will fully meet the safety standards as well as the accompanying utility services such as: loading and unloading, forklifts, counting, packing, shipping…


1.Flexible finance, reducing risk

Private warehouse leasing contracts are often long-term contracts, so there is a great list of responsibilities that comes with this, which creates a high opportunity cost of changing warehouses when business conditions change. Thus, a shared warehouse is better because it only exists on one flexible time- term contract and there is no commitment on the amount of income put into the warehouse, the company using it can move to another facility in a short period of time, usually within 30 days depending on its demand. 

  1. Renting a shared warehouse has tax advantages

Since a company’s shared warehouse is not its asset, businesses that use it are not subject to tax.

For renting a private warehouse, you are required to register more business locations or branches, this will be accompanied by very complicated declaration procedures and travel time. As for the name of using “shared warehouse service”, your business will simplify this step, you only need to pay the monthly service bill without having to do any other procedures or extra costs.

  1. Controlled storage costs

When a company uses a shared warehouse, they will know exactly how much money it spends on storage and handling costs through monthly invoices with a fixed price equivalent to the used space, In addition, the company does not have to pay additional costs such as fire protection, electricity, water, wifi, upgrading warehouses, maintaining machinery,… This helps your business easily control the costs of renting warehouses, thereby balancing the budget better for business activities.

  1. Warehouse rental area can be changed, adjusted according to the business season

There will be times when your business has a high volume of goods supplied to the market during the year. Shared warehouses with flexible size can be expanded to promptly meet the storage area for all enterprises – something that private warehouses cannot meet. When the peak season runs out, the quantity of goods decreases, the cost of renting warehouses is also reduced accordingly, helping businesses save a lot of costs

  1. Initial investment capital is almost 0

An advantage of a shared warehouse is that it uses almost no capital (e.g. capital for renting/buying land, equipment and startup costs for recruitment and training activities).

NhatVietLogistics brings a shared warehouse rental solution to customers and businesses to save maximum costs. NhatVietLogistics warehouse is divided into specific areas, goods are stored in a shared warehouse system with modern equipment. Although it is a shared warehouse, your goods still own a separate space, not to be confused with goods of other businesses, goods are arranged according to the standard line of shelves.

Shared warehouse is an effective solution that NhatVietLogistics aims to bring to customers to solve the difficulties in storing from small goods to high value goods that are imported and exported flexibly . The shared warehouse system of NhatVietLogistics spread across the country is always ready to take over your goods anywhere, anytime and in any quantity, no matter how big or small.

NhatVietLogistics’ shared warehouse system ensures the safety of your goods with 24/24 security, safe guard system, camera monitoring, and professional goods management to bring customers the best experiences.

In addition, you can rent your own warehouse and operate it yourself in Nhat Viet Logistics’s shared warehouse system. Compared to renting a separate warehouse completely, NhatVietLogistics’ shared warehouse rental solution will help you save a lot of costs because there is no waste of free space, no need to invest in equipment and machinery as well as no waste of time to organize the arrangement of goods.

In addition to the share warehouse leasing service NhatVietLogistics also provides accompanying services to give your business the best support in distribution of goods such as:

  • Multimodal transport service
  • Loading and unloading service
  • Customs clearance service agent
  • Goods delivery service

Coming to NhatViet Logistics, your business will be able to simplify the process of storage and transportation – delivery, promoting the efficiency of goods circulation, creating a new step for your business.

With the motto NHAT VIET LOGISTICS – HOME FOR GOODS, we are committed to bringing you the best services in the Logistics chain.

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