#4 Multimodal Transport

In order to meet the maximum needs of customers in the Logistics service chain, NhatViet Logistics has been investing in transportation systems and containers with many different sizes, types and weights. At the same time, NhatViet is also collaborating with other partners to create more diverse types of transportation so that customers can conveniently choose as follows:

  • Courier services
  • Transport service by truck with different categories
  • Transport service by specialized vehicles
  • Transport service by container vehicle.
  • Domestic and international freight services

In addition, we are also agents of airlines and ships in order to meet the maximum demand for customers in terms of domestic and foreign freight.

Nhat Viet Logistics’s transportation department has been invested with many types of transport mean such as:

  • Tarpaulin truck
  • Trucks with containers
  • Specialized Vehicles
  • Self-propelled crane

There are many benefits of using the freight service of Nhat Viet Logistics such as: 

  • Price is the most competitive factor in transportation at NhatViet Logistics.  Our prices are always stable for a long time.
  • The staff is young, dynamic, enthusiastic, cooperative and works hard for customers.
  • There is a technical team to survey goods, advise on transportation methods thoroughly, ensure the lowest shipping costs and bring the highest efficiency to customers. 
  • Transport contracts, invoices, shipping receipts are clear, accurate and complete.
  • The large number of vehicles ensures to meet the maximum demand for transporting goods of customers. We are always responding promptly when customers have every different kind of need.
  • A powerful team of loading, unloading, packing and reinforcing goods before the goods are loaded onto the vehicle, ensuring the safest goods.  We ensure no cases of goods being dented, wet, or torn.
  • With a daily schedule of vehicles, goods will not be stored at the warehouse waiting, or delayed for delivery.

For a consultation or quote on our services, please contact us:

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NhatViet Logistics Ho Chi Minh 0971 21 22 23 kinhdoanh@nhatviet.net.vn
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