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We are one of the most professional, safest, and fastest loading and unloading services.

Our team are professional and experienced in the field of loading and uploading stock-in and stock-out goods, loading goods into the containers and withdrawing goods from the containers, loading and unloading goods on board with a variety of types of products ranging from coffee, wheat, rice, cement to highly professional goods such as glass, medical products, cosmetics, or special chemicals.

The entire team from workers to transportation drivers are well- trained and have recognized certificates.

Loading and unloading means of transport come in a variety of types ranging from hand pallet trucks, electric forklifts, reach stackers to cranes.

With so many years of experience in the field of loading and unloading goods quickly and safely in addition to an enthusiastic attitude, as well as high-quality goods with competitive prices, we ensure that we will fully satisfy the needs and demands of our customers.

For more information and advice or service quotation, please contact us:

Office system Phone number Email
NhatViet Logistics Ho Chi Minh 0904 23 29 44 kinhdoanh@nhatviet.net.vn
NhatViet Logistics Binh Duong 0904 23 29 44 kinhdoanh@nhatviet.net.vn
NhatViet Logistics Ha Noi 0904 23 29 44  kinhdoanh@nhatviet.net.vn

In addition, NhatViet Logistics also provides professional services such as:

  • Goods management: Input and output
  • Stocked goods periodically inventory
  • Standard packing of each type of goods.
  • Goods management and inventory report.
  • Custom service for import-export goods.
  • Goods counting and checking service.
  • Delivery and transportation service…







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