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Teambuilding NhatViet Logistics 2017 – Da Nang -Hoi An

With the goal of caring for the spirit of staff in the Company and build the movement of fun activities, vacation resort after stressful working days, Nhat Viet Logistics Company organized the tour program  for all staff in DA NANG – HOI AN from 15/9-17/9/2017.

This is one of the annual activities of the company to bring pleasure, moments of rest, relaxation after stressful working days, in response to efforts of all staff in as well as enhancing the spirit of solidarity between the members of the company, from which there is a spirit of hard work, high efficiency contributing to the development of Nhat Viet Logistics stronger in the next years.

In addition to the fun and helping staff to balance life to have a more active spirit, the company also organized Team Building program to create opportunities for fun to help staffs have more cohesion, which will help Nhat Viet Logistics become a unified group together to bring better services to our customers.

The Management Board created many opportunities for all staff to join team-building together. It will help staff increase their enthusiasm, increase their morale and boost work efficiency.

Team building activities will be an opportunity for the staff to express themselves, strengthen their solidarity and in particular to stimulate and promote the spirit of teamwork and pursuit of the ultimate goal for the members.

The Management Board wishes through the Team Building program, staff are encouraged to form teams and build effective teamwork and help them build teamwork, unity, and direction toward a common goal and success.

Team building ended with bright smiles

Some photos of the trip in Da Nang:

A warm and meaningful GALA DINNER with the show of entertainment, the funny and impressive game show.

The company selected River Beach Resort in Cua Dai, Hoi An, Quang Nam as a resort for staff

Company staff took pictures at Ngu Hanh Son Mountain Resort – Da Nang

The trip has left every member of the company deeply memorable, fun and meaningful memories Leaders of the Company hope that after the trip, each member of the Company always tries to strive to complete the assigned tasks, unite and help each other to build the brand “NhatViet Logistics – Home for goods” more and more stable and developed.


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