Transportation service

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In order to meet the maximum customers’demand in the Logistics service chain, NhatViet Logistics has been investing systematically in Container trucks of different sizes, types and weights. At the same time NhatViet is also cooperating to create more types of transportation so that customers can choose conveniently in the following options.

* Courier service.

* Truck service with different types

* Transportation service by specialized vehicles

* Transportation service by Container truck

* Domestic and international transportation service.

In addition, we are also agents of airlines and ships in order to satisfy customers’ requirements domestic and international transportation.

In our transportation department  of Nhat Viet logistics, there are different types of vehicles as:

  1. Tarpaulin trucks
  2. Closed trucks
  3. Specialized vehicles
  4. Self-propelled cranes.

Benefits of using Nhat Viet Logistics’ transportation service

  • Price is the most competitive transportation factor at Nhat Viet Logistics, our prices are always stable in the long period.
  • A team of of young, dynamic, enthusiastic, cooperative and working hard staff are always willing to serve all customers.
  • Nhat Viet Logistics’ technical team is always ready to survey goods, consult carefully about shipping methods, ensure the lowest shipping costs, and bring the highest efficiency to our customer.
  • Nhat Viet Logistics provides clear, accurate, complete shipping contracts, invoices and shipping receipts
  • We have a large number of vehicles to ensure maximum response to the customers’ requirement in transportation, so we can always respond promptly when customers have demand.
  • We have strong team of loading, unloading, packing, reinforcing goods before loading, ensuring the safest goods. It’s our promise that there will be no cases where the goods are dented, wet, torn the packaging ..

NhatViet Logistics also provides professional services such as:

  • Warehouse rental service.
  • Loading and unloading goods in and out of the warehouse.
  • Standard packing service of each type of goods.
  • Good management and Inventory reports.
  • Custom service for import-export goods.