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In order to enhance the spirit of solidarity and create the cohesion among employees, Nhat Viet Company has organized for all staffs an exciting Teambuilding tour in Nha Trang from 17 to 19/08/2018.

This is the annual event held by the company. The company thanks the contributions of all employees to the development of the family Nhat Viet.

The trip has many fun activities combining tourism, exercise, team spirit, solidarity of the collective. With the slogan “We are one” throughout Teambuilding activities, all members are excited to participate in the program, together to create a memorable trip.

The “warriors” of the company are very enthusiastic in all things, despite many difficulties and challenges, people still try to overcome and succeed. Evidence that the challenges of the teambuilding program have been conquered and completed very well.

Not thing is difficult for everyone to unite to achieve overall company objectives. Happies is not the reward that comes after winning, but the most successful thing here is the durable bond of a strong team that is standing side by side, together overcome the difficulties. Towards a destination.

Believe that this will be one of the unforgettable memories of each participant. Over time, it can be said that every employee is very important and a great link in the company’s strong development.

Here are some photos of TeamBuiling in 2018:


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