Customs Declaration is increasingly convenient for import-export entrepreneurs. However, the biggest obstacle for many current businesses is how to catch up with the constantly changing rules set by the government and apply these changing rules precisely. Getting hold of the above-mentioned problems, Nhatviet Logistics is a professional unit specializing in offering services relating to customs declaration. We believe in our experience, as well as expertise in the field of clearance of all kinds of import- export goods, guaranteeing professionalism in every advisory role.

A series of Customs Declaration services include:

Customs Declaration Services of import-export goods include full ship cargo, full container loads, less than containers, separate containers, with a variety of goods such as wood, clothes, garment, clothes hangers, equipment, ect.

We carry out customs clearance procedures in a variety of types including business, investment, temporary export and re-import, processing, manufacturing and exporting, sample products, non-merchant products, bonded warehouse products, … Depending on each different clearance type, NhatViet Logistics ensures the safety and speed of all the stages of the process.

We also provide customs clearance services in regards to all types of import-export products such as aid goods, project goods, exhibition goods, transit goods at the border gates of Customs Sub-department and areas including   Đồng Nai, Bình Dương, Hà Nam, HCM city, Bình Phước, Bà Rịa Vũng Tàu…

Competitive advantages of NhatViet Logistics

  • We have a well-trained team specializing in checking the validity of legal documents such as Customs Declaration form, E-C/O fumigation certificate, Phytosanitary Certificate, and other documents on time.
  • Provide free counseling services for customers about Customs Declaration, Tax Calculation, determining the right product code (HS code), determining the Customs valuation, dealing with all types of C/O, Certificate of Quarantine, documents concerning Tax Refund and other related tax policies.
  • Provide useful information about the rules and regulations of other countries exporting products from Vietnam and also offer Customs Declaration services in the destination places.
  • Having been issued a license by Customs agency, NhatViet Logistics   NhatViet Logistics officially represents the import-export distributor as the signatory of the Customs Declaration Form.
  • Having been issued a Multimodal Transport License, NhatViet Logistics offers more and more varied services relating to Customs Declaration. at many border gates in Vietnam – Cambodia, Vietnam – Laos, Vietnam – China …

For more information and advice or service quotation, please contact us:

Office system Phone number Email
NhatViet Logistics Ho Chi Minh 0904 23 29 44
NhatViet Logistics Binh Duong 0904 23 29 44
NhatViet Logistics Ha Noi 0904 23 29 44

We have freight-forwarding and door-to-door delivery services in order to support the customers on completion of the Customs Declaration procedures so that customers can quickly release the goods and promptly deliver them within the distribution system or to foreign countries.

In addition, NhatViet Logistics also provides professional services such as:

  • Goods management: Input and output
  • Stocked goods periodically inventory
  • Loading and unloading goods in and out of the warehouse
  • Standard packing of each type of goods.
  • Goods management and inventory report.
  • Goods counting and checking service.
  • Delivery and transportation service…