Warehouse leasing service

Bellows are different kinds of warehouse leasing service that Nhat Viet Logistics is providing to the market

Shared warehouse leasing is a form of sharing warehouse space according to each customer's needs and according to each group of goods. This form of warehouse rental can also be called warehouse leasing based on area and will be quoted per square meter.

What do you get when renting a shared warehouse?

Simplify administrative procedures: Customers only pay bills for using the shared warehouse service every month without having to do any complicated procedures with legal authorities.

Area can change according to the business season: In case the warehouse tenant wants to increase the area to store goods, the warehouse leasing unit will flexibly expand the area quickly.

Investment capital for building storage places as zero: This is considered a very important advantage of the shared warehouse. When using the shared warehouse service, the warehouse rental enterprise does not have to pay any amount for warehouse construction costs.

Controlled storage costs: Normally, warehouse leasing businesses will publicize the price. With available quotations from  warehouse leasing business, the tenants will estimate the cost corresponding to the used warehouse area. This helps businesses easily control costs

As a form of leasing a separate warehouse to store goods or make a factory. Customers can manage the import and export activities themself or use Nhat Viet's management services.

What do you get when renting a self- managed warehouse?

Saving time: The space of a self- managed warehouse is often private so it will help businesses be more proactive when importing and exporting goods. That is, you can import and export goods at any time without notice or planning in advance.

Well control: Enterprises have complete control over the factors related to storage. Businesses can observe and track their goods directly until the goods are delivered to customers.

Flexibility: Self-managed warehouses have high flexibility, so it's easier to import and export goods. When you need to change the arrangement, transportation, import and export, time in and out of the warehouse, it will be easy to be flexible without being fixed according to a process of another warehouse management business. This is one of the most prominent advantages of a self-managed warehouse.

Make good use of human resources: The company can make good use of human resources in its own warehouse in a way that is suitable for each position. They are usually experienced with their goods and their labors so it could help operate and arrange things inside their warehouse professionally and with little risk

Warehouse leasing by tons is a form of shared warehouse leasing but quoted according to the volume of customer’s goods.

For some items that are not packed in a very stable clear shape, estimating the warehouse rental area will also face some difficulties. Therefore, instead of quoting the leasing price by area, Nhat Viet Logistics will quote according to the volume of goods (depending on the item, the price will be different)

What do you get when renting a warehouse by tons?

The benefits of renting a warehouse by tons are similar to leasing a shared warehouse. It is only different in that Nhat Viet Logistics will calculate all costs and quote to customers according to the volume of goods.

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We are always ready to serve the varied needs of our customers and partners.

15 years in operation

With nearly 15 years of establishment and development, we always put credibility, customers as the focus and constantly improve service quality to reach the better

Modern management system

Smart management system helps manage import and export goods, provide accurate inventory reports immediately, 24 /24 protection, reasonable and well- cover security camera system

Flexible rental packages

The warehouse is designed in separate areas and each area can be flexibly changed to suit the quantity of goods to minimize warehouse rental costs

Various services

Cargo handling, stamping, packing, customs declaration, domestic and international multimodal transportation

Large warehouse system

The system is built in the key economic quadrangle south of Song Than 1-2 Industrial Park, Binh Duong, Cat Lai, Vinh Loc…

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